Are you a spiritually-conscious mom, who believes extraordinary mothering is a skill that needs to be learned, who struggles to find ease and calm in day-to-day challenges with your kids?

Have you’ve read so many experts you sometimes have trouble accessing your own inner wisdom? And you can’t help but wonder if you’ve lost more than you’ve gained?

Visionary mamas need more than a few new tools

You know that the parenting methods you grew up with aren’t for you but, when you ask nicely and give patient explanations, power struggles – and even chaos – keep happening. 

When you try to provide your children with all the experiences you believe will serve them, you often feel confused and even burned-out and exhausted. And sometimes you suspect your kids are feeling a bit of that too.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but adding one more book, blog, or podcast to your list is probably not the answer. 

The answer is connecting in a whole new way.

I believe in your unique gifts as a mama and in the genius in your kids. Genius, in-born brilliance, deepest gifts. Isn’t that a great place to start? 

I’m Souzzann Zink and I trust your absolutely unique ability to know your child better than anyone else. 

I also know that every moment you spend with them is precious and every minute you spend on other things cuts into that time. Because of that, I’ll get right to the point.

Let’s talk about what this is – and what it’s not.

Some of what I share is what I call new-school mom tools. These are strategies that often help families quickly shift the tone in their home and bring a breath of fresh air into some really tense situations and chaotic habits. And, if you’ve worked on your parenting as much as I suspect, quite a few of them won’t be new to you.

If those tools were all mamas needed today, I’d be in a different field.

I’m passionately committed to treating children with a radical level of respect – while guiding moms to an astonishing level of fun and satisfaction in their mothering.

❖ This is not another set of communication tools, and . . . you’ll communicate with more love and respect than ever before.

❖ This is not a program to simplify, unplug, or get back to nature, and . . .  it’s very likely you and your kids will do more of all those things, at least a little.

❖ This is not a (seemingly) endless series of exercises to heal the wounds from your own childhood, . . . while those memories will have a completely different meaning for you.

❖ And this is definitely not another discipline program or way to get your kids to listen. (You’re not about compliance. You’re definitely not about overriding your child’s self-authority.)

You’re about . . .

Relationship and flow, 

Respect for every family member, and 

Just the right amount of order.  

Especially when the day has been long, you would love to be about calm as well. Me too.

The Mothering Genius community is about helping you and your children be more of who you really are. 

We are about supporting each other as we discover that mothering is an art that can be more fun than work, so we can be the best moms we can possibly be, every single day.

Our programs guide you to 

Quickly learning to stop second-guessing yourself, 

Feel fully present with your child every moment you are together, 

Consistently act from a centered place of wise love.

Because of our commitment to support you in spending less time on your kids and more time enjoying them, we accomplish this through highly-leveraged changes that ripple through everything you do.

You have inside of you the exact qualities that will set your kids up for a great life and an enduring, loving relationship with you.

Unlock that power fully and you’re creating the art that time with your family was always meant to be. You’re mothering from your genius.

One more essential piece to remember – your influence is huge, but shrinking every day. . .

~ The power you have the first 3 years is literally more than you can imagine (and – yes, even through the “Testing Twos”).

~ With young kids through about age 7, it is still phenomenal. 

~ After that, as long as your children are still in your home, your impact is still substantial. And the day it drops radically – the day they create their own home – gets closer every time you go to bed.

I feel like the guidance I received in the first half hour alone was worth $10,000 or more. It’s changing everything. By following Souzzann’s advice, I felt the shift in my family almost immediately, and some shifts were, in fact, immediate.

Souzzann is so gifted in what she does, . . . a gentle, yet powerful, guiding light for us parents who want to do our very best for our families. By helping us raise thoughtful, loving, engaged, respectful, responsible, and confident children, the positive impact this can have can reach far and wide and last for generations to come. I am hopeful her message reaches as many parents as possible.

Karen B.
New York

You’re ready to live fully the vision of home and mothering that you dream about. You can keep cobbling together resources and let overwhelm, frustration, and struggle continue to steal time from your children, or you can choose to mother from your genius.

Make this shift and when your head hits the pillow each night, you’ll feel a bone-deep certainty that you gave your kids your wisest, most loving best that day. 

It starts with a conversation about your mothering vision.

Let’s talk.

with love,