Own your gifts, your power, your joy . . .

Unlock your ability to be exactly the mom your kids need.

You have inside of you the exact unique set of qualities that will set your kids up for a great life.

To unlock that power quickly, you need three things:

  • Mindset and attitudes to claim your power
  • Habits that slash your supervision time and free up time for fun
  • Collaboration practices that knock out most of the conflict

That last one is the only thing I know that works to keep peace and guide your children toward more maturity (including respect and kindness), without resorting to punishments and blowups.

One more essential piece to remember – your influence with your kids is phenomenal through about age 7 (and the power you have the first 3 years is literally more than you can imagine – yes, even through the “Testing Twos”). If you are ready to master mothering in a loving way – with more ease – while making the rest of your life better too, let’s talk soon. Click here for a free, confidential call.

I feel like the guidance I received in the first half hour alone was worth $10,000 or more. It’s changing everything. By following Souzzann’s advice, I felt the shift in my family almost immediately, and some shifts were, in fact, immediate.

Souzzann is so gifted in what she does, . . . a gentle, yet powerful, guiding light for us parents who want to do our very best for our families. By helping us raise thoughtful, loving, engaged, respectful, responsible, and confident children, the positive impact this can have can reach far and wide and last for generations to come. I am hopeful her message reaches as many parents as possible.

Karen B.

New York