Are you a mindful mom with big dreams for you, your family, and the world, who needs some new insight and support to understand and meet your children’s ever-changing needs?

Who yearns to get this mothering thing mastered in a loving way while keeping the rest of your life shining?

Who’s pretty sure there’s an easier way –

Inspirational mother and daughter

And who’s absolutely sure she is raising one of the children who will change the world and so this is one of the most important things she’s ever going to do?

I’m here to tell you you’re right on all counts – including the easier part – and that I can help you.

If kids are involved – I can help you find the missing piece. There are new school mom tools that make all the difference. Especially if you want to be having more fun with your children while you rock the rest of your world – let’s talk.

I’ve been there (including several years as a single mom/student/entrepreneur) while bringing up my 2 sons. More importantly, I’ve guided hundreds of moms to find solutions to big issues with their kids and to embrace a simpler, deeper, more respectful parenting relationship – while having more free time and fun.

Over the last 3+ decades I’ve gone from creating a small, thriving Montessori school community of about 70 families – while raising sons who now practice law, karate, fatherhood, and book buying – to mentoring moms all over the world. I’ve helped start 3 Montessori schools (think: supported hundreds of parents to shift into a whole new way of interacting with their kids, usually having only a few minutes to spend with each), taught transformational seminars in person in 3 countries and all over the U.S. and helped train innovative educators in 4 countries using only virtual learning tools I created. Now for me, it’s all about the moms. (I know where the power is.)

For me, motherhood is the journey that can unlock not only the gifts you are meant to give your children, but the deepest gifts you have to offer the world. I would love to help you access your own deeper wisdom while experiencing more of the happiness and fun that being a mother can mean. If you’d like to find out how, apply for a free call here and we’ll map it out together.

In case you wanted to know about something other than my professional life, here are a few odd facts:

  • I was a terrible speller until I was almost 30 years old.
  • Daughter of two decorated war veterans (a fighter pilot and a flight nurse), I’ve lived in 8 states and Germany.
  • I have over 2000 books. (No, I haven’t read them all – but I’ve read a lot).
  • I have 3 grandsons and one on the way.
  • In roughly chronological order, I’ve collected dolls, make-up, Montessori materials, charms, and stones/crystals (now, only the last one).
  • My romantic husband proposed to me at the top of Angels Landing in Zion National Park almost 13 years ago.

Why just moms?

First, moms can be a variety of genders, because gender isn’t an either/or. It’s a spectrum. Anyone who identifies with a more feminine approach to parenting is welcome.

I wish it could go without saying that I’m happy to work with moms of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Since we can’t assume that (yet), know that I actively seek to include a diverse group of moms in our community.

In my experience, those who feel at home with a more feminine way of relating to their children have some specific areas of strength and challenge. Along with more universal parenting concerns, we address those specific issues head-on – including collaboration with partners who parent from a more masculine space.

If you are drawn to my work, and you have questions about whether this is a fit for you based on gender issues, let’s have a conversation.

Official Bio

Souzzann Zink has helped parents in online-based mothering programs, private sessions, live events, and through over two decades of classroom and administrative experience in public and private Montessori schools in Utah and California. She started the school her sons attended and helped get two others established, in part while earning a MAED with a focus on educator burnout and Montessori education. She has taught transformational workshops in three countries, including across the United States, and published over a dozen books and manuals in several fields. Her TV show, Montessori for Everybody.TV, had a following of over 20,000 viewers and schools around the world use her innovative training materials for in-service staff enrichment. Her view is that motherhood is the journey that can unlock not only the gifts mothers are meant to give their children, but the deepest gifts they have to offer the world. You can find the Mothering Archetypes Quiz and other helpful resources elsewhere on the site.

Souzzann Zink
Souzzann and son, Logan
Souzzann at La Jolla Cove

Souzzann offered and continues to offer me the ability to view a master at work and life. Specifically, in working with children and as a dad, Souzzann has developed in me the opportunity to afford the child a space to feel safe, know that one may fail in the moment but ultimately will recover, be present in the company of the child and parent. In the absence of Souzzann in my life, as guide, I’m quite sure I would be the lesser educator, dad and person. I am, and will be forever, grateful to Souzzann.

Shawn Crawford

Souzzann is so gifted in what she does, . . . a gentle, yet powerful, guiding light for us parents who want to do our very best for our families.

Karen B., New York