Your Superpowers & Kryptonite –
Based on your
Mothering Archetype™

After you learn your Mothering Archetype™, you’ll be able to access a FREE mini-manual that shows you specific actions you can take today – based on your unique strengths – to connect more deeply
from love and be peacefully in charge while creating confident kids!

In your Mini-Manual You’ll Discover:

  • Your superpowers and ways you are already doing great by your kids
  • Your “Kryptonite” (plus how even your inner challenges can be good for your children)
  • Loving alternatives to old school mom tools – and the ones that will make the biggest difference for you
  • (Every archetype makes an excellent mom, but all archetypes aren’t good at the same things – without putting in some extra effort.
  • Learn activities and skills you can use today to be an even better mom.)

About the Author

Souzzann is a master when it comes to guiding moms to bring out the best in their kids – and themselves. She is the creator the Mothering Archetypes and author of several books and manuals. A former Montessori educator with over two decades of classroom and administrative experience in public and private Montessori schools in Utah and California, she owned the school her now grown sons attended and helped start two others.

Her experience helping a thousand parents, including private clients and students in transformational workshops in 3 countries, shapes her current specialized work with visionary moms.

What Moms are Saying . . .

I feel like the guidance I received in the first half hour alone was worth $10,000 or more. It’s changing everything. By following Souzzann’s advice, I felt the shift in my family almost immediately, and some shifts were, in fact, immediate.

Souzzann is so gifted in what she does, . . . a gentle, yet powerful, guiding light for us parents who want to do our very best for our families. By helping us raise thoughtful, loving, engaged, respectful, responsible, and confident children, the positive impact this can have can reach far and wide and last for generations to come. I am hopeful her message reaches as many parents as possible.

Karen B., New York

The results were instant after 1 hour of working with Souzzann! As soon as I got off the call, I felt so empowered and centered that I was able to dedicate a whole guilt free hour with my daughter and not be a worried or be a busy-bee mom, but simply be present, not feel guilty or even worry about the work I had to complete. I could simply be a mom with intention. It felt so good and it was exactly the clarity, insight, liberty and direction I needed!

Charissa da Silva, Brand Architect for Online Entrepreneurs