Your Superpowers & Kryptonite – Based on your Mothering Archetype™

After you learn your Mothering Archetype, you’ll be able to access a FREE mini-manual that shows you specific actions you can take today – based on your unique mothering genius – to connect more deeply
from love and be peacefully in charge while empowering the unique genius in your kids!

Every archetype can become an excellent mom, but all archetypes aren’t good at the same things – without putting in some extra effort. Mothering genius is about leveraging your deepest strengths, not working harder.

In your Mini-Manual You’ll Discover:

  • Your superpowers and ways you are already doing great by your kids.
  • Your “Kryptonite” (plus how even those inner challenges can be good for your children).
  • Loving alternatives to old school mom tools – the ones that will make the biggest difference for you.
  • Learn the most leveraged change you can make – improving your mindset – to be an even better mom.

About the Author

Souzzann Zink, The Mothering Mindset Mentor, is a master when it comes to guiding moms to bring out the genius in their kids – and themselves. She is the creator the Mothering Archetypes and author of several books and manuals. A former Montessori educator with over two decades of classroom and administrative experience in public and private Montessori schools in Utah and California, she owned the school her now grown sons attended and helped start two others.

Her experience helping thousands of parents, including private clients and students in transformational workshops in 3 countries, shapes her current specialized work with visionary moms.

What Moms are Saying about the Mothering Archetypes. . .

Thousands of moms have discovered their Mothering Archetypes – taking one step closer to being the best moms they can possibly be.

“Loved the style of your survey! So nice and easy.”

“I got ‘Rebel’, I was shocked by the name at first, but I have to be honest that this is exactly who I am. Great quiz that I’ll recommend to my surrounding moms. Thanks Souzzann.”

“Oh, this is too fun. I’m the Founder. Look forward to exploring more of myself :)”

“Empress. For sure accurate.”

“I enjoyed taking your quiz. . . . I was surprised that I did feel like it described me pretty well!”

“I’m naturally skeptical of quizzes like this, but I took it, and I got Matriarch…. and the description is highly accurate. Thanks!”

“I got Alchemist, and the description was spot-on. Thank you for the actionable suggestions.”

The results were more accurate than I expected. I was surprised!”

“I got Ambassador, and I do resonate with it.”

Feedback on their Mothering Archetype mini-manual: 

“Beautiful and chock full of insight! Mamas are gonna eat that up!”

“Insightful, inspiring, and gives positive direction and support.”

“Very beautiful and well put together!”

“I love the mindset, ‘Feel like you have the support that you need.’ Right now I feel the opposite and am seeking support.” 

“WOW! Your work is amazing!”

“I especially liked the tools part.”

“Great work!”